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Following his highly praised debut novel, ‘Dreamlife, Dreamdeath’, Will Fuller invites us to engage with his new novel which demonstrates again his capacity to create a work involving a number of powerful interlocking themes working at different levels: the nature of reality, the nature of mind, the nature of the universe, and the unimaginable potentialities of the science of particle physics, all brought together in a tale of human struggle against unknown forces threatening to overwhelm them.

From the start we are plunged into a futuristic world of the imagination, wonderfully evoked. The novel is set in a world which is recognisable as our own but somewhat in the future as shown by an advanced level of technology which the characters take for granted. However, they are confronted with further advanced and mysterious technologies that are ambiguously presented by a central figure, a sort of archetypal Trickster, who is able to create both imaginative worlds of disaster and environmental degradation, whilst on the other hand, the possibility of transcendence into something better, both materially and spiritually, is always also present. As we go on, we are made to see very forcibly that these alternatives have their source in our own relationship to mind and matter.

For most of the story it feels as if there is a sense of danger and threat hanging over the human protagonists. They seem to be enmeshed in a sinister world over which they have no control. But they all have their reasons for hanging on to the possibility of progress, both for the planet and in their personal lives, in which the notion of the crucial importance of facing one’s own personal truth is potentially transformative.

Throughout the book the author draws us along so that we are gradually, bit by bit, enlightened as the disparate strands are drawn together and we seem finally to see the whole picture. But the denouement is still a real surprise. Happily it satisfies greatly, as what had seemed like a traditional battle between good and evil turns out to be transmuted into something much subtler and more optimistic at a deeper level.

J.M Sacret

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Nightlight is now available in paperback from Immanion Press

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